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of Financing Happiness!

With only five staff and one product, it started as a single-segment non-bank financial institution in 1985. It is currently the biggest multi-product, multi-segment non-bank financial institution in the nation, 37 years later. Advance Finance Limited, one of the most reputable financial names in the market, has a solid and varied position in the corporate, SME, retail, and capital market sectors.

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Advance Finance Home Loan gives you the confidence to purchase own space to live in freedom.

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Advance Finance SME Loan features convenient repayment to reduce the burden on your finances.


Choose Advance Finance, and enjoy a life free of worry, the life that you and your family deserve!

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Make your corporate endeavor a success with our innovative and comprehensive solutions


Presently, Advance Finance has 15 offices and booths spread over more than 15 cities, employing over 300 people to serve more than 4500 clients. Although we aim to do more, it would be limiting to suggest that we are only in the financing industry. We work to support people in realising their aspirations, whether they be to establish or grow a business, send their kids to a better school, go on a picnic in the family car, own a home, send them to a larger university, or lead their country to greater heights.

To a certain extent, the number of lives we have impacted is more important to us than either the number of people we employ or the number of clients we serve. While financial success is crucial to us, we also take great delight in knowing that we are the source of many smiles.


World Bank okays $295m to boost Bangladesh’s digital economy

The International Development Association (IDA), a concern of the World Bank, will extend USD $295 million Scale Up Facility (SUF) loan to Bangladesh for enhancing digital government & economy (EDGE) projects.

Virtual desk at Bangladesh mission to attract FDI in ICT sector

A virtual desk at the Bangladesh Embassy in the Netherlands was launched on Saturday to connect investors and partners, explore business and help attract foreign direct investment (FDI) in Bangladesh's ICT sector.

$4.1m ADB aid allocated for supporting Covid-19 affected rural livelihood

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has allocated $4.1 million in technical assistance to help agri-food value chains and rural economies in Asia and the Pacific recover from the impacts of Covid-19 pandemic.